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That's Weird!!!!
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Author:  MutleyRules [ Sun Jun 19, 2011 12:23 am ]
Post subject:  That's Weird!!!!

E.T. has just 'waddled' in our house and put his neck out and asked if he could use the phone!!!! confised

I said....'We haven't got a landline now you ATARI loving BMX Kunt....but I've got a Mobile....but if it goes over my limit you....or your master will have to pay....cos we are in a recession here like'!!!! :evil: rage :evil:

Last I seen he was fecking off to darlo to ask for 2p for the phone!!!! confised

Probably have no he'll be back!!!! :coool:

Imagine ET....flying past the Moon on a Horse & Cart!!!!

I tried telling the long/short necked kunt about the Pools deal....he/she didn't want to know....he/she is playing in goal for darlo next season....they've just signed him/her up on account of the size of his Necks on His/Her Jumpers....a few inches added there!!!! :coool:

I get it....I bet darlo don't and Michael Mackintyre and That Puff....I bet they don't....and that's not been Homophobic....cos it isn't....cos I can't remember the Rimmers name....but he likes the taste of shite anyway....but the other fucker is just not funny....and that has feck all against puffs....or blokes who 'stroke' 'wank' other blokes off....I';ve nothing aginast ttm....aslong as they do it in their own home....PRISON!!!! :coool:

Hold on....just doing a spell check....'Yeah Mutley Right as usual....and if they say anything....pass them onto to me and I'll Dick them'!!!! :laugh:

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