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Author:  MutleyRules [ Fri Apr 01, 2011 3:19 am ]
Post subject:  02.54....(sigh)!!!!

I'm up at 6am....waste of time going to I'm not!!!! :evil: sadx :evil:

Had a good night tonight but got a lot of things on me I'll only be tossing and turning till 6am!!!! sadx confised sadx

Feck it....I'll be more awake if I just stay up....*!!!! :coool: :grin:

*and talk absolute bollox to myself on's joined in for 2 days!!!! banghead banghead

Apart from a couple of new Posters and Posters who only ever post now and then!!!! confised confised

Post more makes me look inteligent when our lasses mates come in and I'm sat at the Computer....and it isn't Porn!!!! :coool: :coool:

True....I've heard them!!!! :coool: :grin:

BTW....and this has feck all to do with the above but....

Hands up all those that have a Toilet Roll Holder next to their Computer....and a 16 pack of Andrex Copies next to your Printer!!!! :coool:

I have but our lass thinks it's sick....'what will the neighbours say she says'???? sctatchinghead sctatchinghead

'No sound on after 21.36 I say so she'll hear feck all'!!!! confised confised

'No' she says....'what if they come in and see your supply of Tissue and a Toilet Roll Holder next to your Computer'???? sctatchinghead sctatchinghead


'Heavy Cold'???? sctatchinghead sctatchinghead

'Hay Fever'???? sctatchinghead sctatchinghead

Mrs.Mutley....'Can't I just tell them the truth.....'???? sctatchinghead sctatchinghead

Me....'NOOoooo'!!!! rage

Her again....carrying on from when I butted in and said 'NOOoooo'....

'He's that addicted to The Bunker I'm actually sick of cleaning/boiling his shitty duds cos the dirty bastard would rather shit his self....or as he calls it....have a 'Cloudy Fart'....than get up and actually go to the Toilet....cos he has to 'Check The Bunker'!!!! :roll: :roll:

'He says that after bar....flumps....highland toffee bars....THE BUNKER COMES FIRST!!!!'

Has she finished???? sctatchinghead sctatchinghead

Or is that me pretending to be Mrs.Mutley....'Slap'....'Ouch'.... :roll:

Feck knows....I'm lost....but I know what she means....and I know what he means!!!! :coool: :coool:

Who's right you may ask....Ppff....not the slightest....couldn't give two fecks....K-Tel released some great Albums!!!! :coool: :coool:

Author:  tREE_wiTH_hAMStER [ Fri Sep 08, 2017 1:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 02.54....(sigh)!!!!


Author:  Yubep [ Sun Oct 01, 2017 10:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 02.54....(sigh)!!!!

Classic mutley

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